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  • App Version : 3.0
  • Required File Format : VCF , Genotyping Table
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EONE-DIAGNOMICS Genome Center Ancestry
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Ancestry(Admixture) analysis is a method to check a person's geographical origin based on one's genetic ancestry. Admixture calculations provide genetic ancestry analysis to an individual by compairing individual's genome data with sample datasets. The datasets are diverse depending on the used setup and analysis methods. A new sample is normally compared to the ancestral components by the calculation of the percentage. Using this App, you can find your geographical origin that your genome are telling.

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Required File Format

VCF , Genotyping Table

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Erica DuPrey 2018-01-18

Compare to many other companies I've used this is way off.

jiho Kim 2018-01-10

38.41% 한국 사람 ㅋ

Se Ho Song 2017-11-16

Jinhong Kim 2017-08-28

It's amazing!

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