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Ancestry(Admixture) analysis is a method to check a person's geographical origin based on one's genetic ancestry. Admixture calculations provide genetic ancestry analysis to an individual by compairing individual's genome data with sample datasets. The datasets are diverse depending on the used setup and analysis methods. A new sample is normally compared to the ancestral components by the calculation of the percentage. Using this App, you can find your geographical origin that your genome are telling. (※ When your DNA data file is in VCF format, your result might be analyzed by using standardized genetic information due to some missing genetic information in app that you have purchased.)

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VCF , Genotyping Table

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2019-04-04 01:46:31

seems this test is highly accurate. Very interesting and test results are on point!


2019-03-31 20:27:10

I'm born in Iceland and I know that my ancestors came from north- and western Europe. So I don't know this is all about. :(


2018-11-08 00:09:59

As someone who understands deep ancestry and isn't a simpleton who thinks that their ancestry is purely based on who their most recent ancestors identify as, this test is highly accurate and I really appreciate it. There are a lot of small minded people out there, who get upset and/or disregard anything that isn't anglo. Well sorry to disappoint the bigots, but the text results here are completely on point.


2018-10-31 05:22:40

I mean no offense or disrespect to the creators of this test...but out of all the dna tests I've tried this one is the least accurate.

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