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Aptitude Match

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Decode your interests, personal values and preferences, and seek a career that fits your personality.
Do you have the desire to explore your interests and passions? Perhaps you are looking for a career that will help you reach new heights? Don’t let these life goals go unchecked on your list and let your genomes answer these questions for you.

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Genotyping Table

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2019-04-18 01:25:42

good Service!!!

2018-11-27 04:13:53

I think the results are just right. There is no Gene in my file, so it is empty, but the genetic results and integrated analysis that influence propensity, intelligence and psychology are attractive app. It's good for kids and teens who are exploring jobs.

2018-11-27 02:34:21

It's amazing. This app is great, i found another possibility.

2018-11-27 01:55:58

Service that never imagined !! It is a really exciting DNA App~~~