EONE-DIAGNOMICS Genome Center is an international joint venture established in 2013 between Eone Life Science Institute in Korea and Diagnomics Inc in California, USA. The new company’s strength is a based on merging two distinct expertise and experience to synergy new technology development and market creation for new generation healthcare. Eone Life Science provides 30 years know-how and experience in clinical diagnostics reference lab expertise in Korea, and Diagnomics contributes cutting edge genomics and next generation sequencing expertise from USA to revolutionize next generation healthcare from personalized medicine. The company is located in the international business district in Songdo Inchon Korea, and near the Inchon international Airport the main hub for air transportation in East Asia. The prime location for international business together with expertise from joint from two stellar partners provides an unprecedented opportunity for developing and commercializing new technology and business.



KiraGen is dedicated to help the global community understand and make use of their genetic information to achieve optimized health and happiness. It is your source for knowledge, preventative health and wellness information, and inspiration to improve your health and fitness with personalized genomics. Your genetic makeup and health response is unique, and so should your life style, diet and disease prevention plan. Your unique DNA is the coded manual that holds the secret to optimal health, and Kiragen provides you with all the information and tools necessary to unlock it.



About DiagnomicsInc, Diagnomics (www.diagnomics.com) is a genomics and bioinformatics company providing solutions for personalized medicine and next generation healthcare, and is located in San Diego, California U.S.A. Diagnomics is one of the first Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)-based genomics companies on the West Coast of the U.S., and is made up of a highly qualified team of scientists, researchers and entrepreneurs including early pioneers in the sequencing of human genomes. product_i01 Additionally, Diagnomics has cutting edge genome presentation software as well as genome discovery expertise to guide the development of new therapeutic targets and novel diagnostic tools. Diagnomics technology is recognized and accepted by global leading bio and IT companies such as Illumina and Intel by partnering advancing analysis of NGS data. The company was founded by an internationally recognized team of genome and bioinformatics scientists, who actually performed the first human genome re-sequencing project with the findings published in top peer-reviewed journals including Science. In addition, the team has successfully sequenced and analyzed many normal and diseased human genomes including individuals with various cancers and rare genetic diseases.

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