▶ Previous Terms and Conditions Effective date : 06.05.2021

Please read the following Refund Policy carefully before you make purchase through MyGenomeBox (Collectively the “Company”). If necessary, apply for a refund request when your request meets the policy conditions. However, there will be no refund for app purchase, except when there are transaction errors, so be more careful before you purchase an app.

1) How to Request a Refund

If you would like a refund, please click “1:1 Inquiry”, then select “Refund” in “Kind of Issues” list to submit a request. After approval, we will reply on 1:1 Inquiry page.

2) The Range of Refund Policy

The range of Refund Policy is listed below.

1. Refund Policy on transaction errors in app purchase

When transaction errors have occurred due to a failure of the company’s or credit card company’s system, please refer to “How to Request a Refund” to request.

2. Refund Policy on Purchased Points

When you request a refund for purchased points, it will refund to you after approval by our Service Operation Team. Item refund fees are subject to PayPal policy(Link)

3) The Estimated Refund Period for Method of Payments.

※ Refund will be issued to the same method used for purchase.

Item refund period is in accordance with PayPal policy(Link)

4) Others

1. Refund Policy on Personal Information Leakage

When purchase has been made by others due to leaked information, please send us E-mail (info@mygenomebox.com) including its contents. We will be sure to stop any further purchase. Please keep your credit card and personal information secure all time. It is your responsibility for purchase made by others due to leaked information.

2. Misuse Policy

If we find any misuse of Refund Policy or unfair payment has been made, you may be blocked from the Company's services.