Saturated Fat to Obesity

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  • Required File Format : VCF , Genotyping Table
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  • Category : Exercise / Diet

Saturated Fat to Obesity

EONE-DIAGNOMICS Genome Center Exercise / Diet

If you like high-fat foods such as butter and bacon, we recommend this app. You may have a specific gene that allows you to consume more saturated fats. Use this app to check your risks of becoming obese by saturated fat.

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VCF , Genotyping Table

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Yuri Cho 2018-05-08

나의 유전자는 평범수준인데, 1시간에서 가끔 3시간까지 운동했을때 몸매와 지금의 몸매가 다른건..움직이지 않아서 그런듯..많이 움직이자.

jiho Kim 2018-01-10

타고난 유전자!! 왜 배가 나온거지?ㅠ

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