Straight Hair

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  • Developer : EONE-DIAGNOMICS Genome Center
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  • App Version : 1.0
  • Required File Format : VCF , Genotyping Table
  • Report Language : English
  • Category : Trait

Straight Hair

EONE-DIAGNOMICS Genome Center Trait

*This app is valid for European descendants only.

What’s your hair type? Does it look more like your mother or father? Curly hair is mostly determined by a specific gene rather than acquired factors. Try this app to check your congenital hair type.

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Required File Format

VCF , Genotyping Table

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Yeonchul Kim 2018-04-19

The result is right. Great!

Hyukjung Kwon 2018-01-14

Yes, I'm curly hair. It is accurate!

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