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Ancestry Tree

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Do you want to know where you came from and who you really are? Ancestry tree is amazing answers to that simple questions If you want to know yourself as someone said, this app can be a perfect assistant.

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Genotyping Table

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2019-09-16 17:17:22

Gene2me is great, this is not as detailed. I think this uses a comparison that can be gotten at for free.

2018-11-30 04:59:28

Not worth the 15.00 yet. This app simply tells you what ethnicities you most closely match if your dna was allegedly from a single region. You can use the Dodecad calculators they use on for free and get the same results. The introduction of the report made it sound like I was going to get a lot more insight or detail. Ultimately this app didn't tell me anything new or useful and had little to no detail. It's shameful they charge for this.

2018-11-06 05:57:24

I think this application has a lot of potential, it's unique and potentially pretty accurate. I like the "web" they use as the map. I've taken 2 dna tests and then uploaded my data to a few others and they all agree that I'm predominantly british, and they all agree that I have some Scandanavian, after that it's all up in the air. :-) So I would say this is probably about as close as some of the other tests. I'm always looking for further proof, so to speak, of the ethnicity these tests say I am. However, some of it is a little confusing... so is this test saying that I'm all of these ethnicities? or is it saying that I'm only British? Also, what are some of the abbreviations on here ? like the ethnicity for utah. Thank you for going to all the trouble to create this really great application, thank you :-)

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