DNA Matching Service (Beta)

App Information

  • Developer : MyGenomeBox
  • Report Updated :
  • App Version : 1.0
  • Required File Format : VCF , Genotyping Table
  • Report Language : English
  • Category : Personality

DNA Matching Service (Beta)

MyGenomeBox Personality

The DNA app is in beta service and may not run smoothly depending on the operating environment.
(IPhone / Chrome Web browser is normal service available)

Estimated Time for Generating a Report

Within 5 minutes

Required File Format

VCF , Genotyping Table

Our service is available after login.

kevin kim 2018-07-17

I was very surprised and intrigued by my DNA results. This app was interesting and so fun !

jiwon jang 2018-07-12


JeHeon Noh 2018-07-11

It's so funny :)

Jinhong Kim 2018-07-05


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